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Dieter Vollath

At the moment NanoConsulting plans the following courses:

June 24 - 26, 2014, Bad Gastein, Austria

NanoConsulting is specialized in education in the field of nanomaterials. The courses cover all fields of importance from mechanical over magnetic to optical and electrical properties. Furthermore, on request, nearly any other field may be added. With respect to materials, from superparamagnetic particles to quantum dots, from ceramic particles to carbon nanotubes and grapheme, there no field of importance skipped.
The lectures are oriented to applications. The course represents the state of the arts, as it is updated twice a year.
Fundamental phenomena and industrial applications of nanomaterials are discussed. They are directed to companies and persons, such as engineers and materials specialists, entering the field of nanomaterials. However, also experienced persons are profiting, as they may broaden their field of knowledge. Because of the small number of participants, these courses give an excellent possibility to discuss special problems in depth.
The instructor, Prof. Dieter Vollath is author of the first textbook on nanomaterials.

Here you can find a list of publications of Prof. Vollath.

Besides a booklet containing the whole lectures, each participant will get a copy of the textbook "Nanomaterials".

You get informations about the course in the announcement, the description and the registration form.

You are welcome to look at some impressions of the last course.

It is also possible to ask for an individual course for your group.
We offer compact courses especially designed for your company.

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