Nanomaterials - Consulting and education

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Dieter Vollath

Our Services

NanoConsulting offers services in all questions related to nano- technology, in special nanomaterials. These services include studies on the application and the potential of these technologies in the framework and under the constraints of your company. Additionally, and most important are our services in education of your leading employees in the field of nanomaterials.

NanoConsulting offers courses helping your employees to reach a level of competence allowing to start own developments within a very short time.

NanoConsulting studies will help you to explore potential applications of nanomaterials in your company. These applications may improve your existing products or will open new markets for your company.
To apply nanomaterials, either one has to find sources of the special materials needed for your products or you will have to produce it in your company. In both cases, our experience will help you to make the right decision.